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Business plan



On 2016


              JSC «Bukhara repair and mechanical factory", which is part of the Joint Stock Company "Uzneftegazmash"

Constituent documents registered in Bukhara city administration.

 · Code OKPO -01433126

 · The main view on the IBAN-code 14183 Activities

 · Association for JBCO - code 01024

 · Place of business at SOATO- code 1706401

 · Organizational and legal form of the KOPF code 1150

 · Form of ownership by the FSC code 144

     Registered documents to the tax office

    VAT number 201429036


Engineering Communication:

 · Railway access roads - there

 · Electricity - has

 · Water - has

 · Sewerage - available

 · Gas - has

  Address of the Company:

    200114, Bukhara, ul.S.Yureneva-2

    tel: 225-58-03, fax: 225-55-79

    E-mail: brmz @ mail .ru

    http: // www. bukhararmz .uz

  Joint Stock Company Address:

 Joint Stock Company "Uzneftegazmash"

 702100, Chirchik, Mendeleev street, 8

 Phone: 9-92-03 Fax: 6-58-93

  E-mail: ompr @ ars -

  http: // himmah .uz



1.1 Introduction

 JSC «Bukhara repair and mechanical factory" about fifty years of experience in the repair and manufacture of spare parts for drilling and exploration and oil field equipment, molding products made of cast iron, manufacturer of non-standard equipment and steel structures for various purposes. The plant also provides organizational, financial, scientific, technical, promotional activities, production of consumer goods, transportation of own goods, services to the population.

 Made Joint Stock Company products are in great demand in the country, so from year to year the profit from the sale has a positive growth trend, which allows to use it for the payment of dividends, the development of production, social issues.

 The main customers are companies included in the "Uzbekneftegaz".

 Year after year, increase the volume of production, improving the quality of products and services, develop new products.

 Forge mutually beneficial partnerships with other enterprises, representatives of small and medium-sized businesses.

 The plant is ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, providing competitive production, environmental security and safety.


             The activity of the company is:

 · Industrial production of wide application;

 · Organizational, financial, informational, scientific and technical;

 · Foreign economic activity in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

 · Advertising, publishing, agriculture, consumer goods, provision of services to the population;

 · Transport of their own goods

 · Trading activity;

 Activities to carry out requiring special permission (license) is carried out after obtaining a license in the manner prescribed by law.


 JSC «Bukhara repair and engineering works" since its foundation (. 1963) specializes in:

 · Manufacture of mining and drilling tools;

 · Manufacture of spare parts to exploration drilling and oil field equipment;

 · Manufacture of spare parts gas compressor units;

 · Restoration (recovery) units, parts for mining exploration,

  drilling and oil field equipment;

 · Repair of drilling and oil field equipment;

 · Manufacture of spare parts for agricultural machinery;

 · Casting of gray cast iron;

 · Manufacturing of non-standard equipment;

 · Manufacture of metal structures for various purposes;

 · Production of consumer goods;

 · Production of household gas cylinders.


Manufactured products are made of various types of ferrous metals, alloy steel with finishing and heat treatment operations, in accordance with acting on the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the skeleton of GOST and other normative and technical documentation.

 The plant can perform other orders in accordance with the specifications and technical documentation provided by the customer.

 The plant has the following shops and sites:

 · Mechanical repair shop (mechanical-repair site, press-harvest area, instrumental section), equipped with a universal metal-cutting equipment, equipment for heat treatment, equipped with the equipment for cutting blanks, press-forging equipment and furnaces · fabrication shop equipped with welding equipment, equipment for cutting sheet and structural shapes, press-forging equipment;

 · Injection site, equipped with two cupolas capacity of 3 and 5 tons / hour, induction furnace I.S.T. brand 0.16 / 0.32;

 · Repair and construction sector, with equipment for the complete processing of sawn timber;


4. modernization,

 Repair of buildings

 Analysis of the design features of incoming orders has identified new areas of technical development of the plant:

 · Complement existing machinery equipment grinding equipment, precision machine tools;

 · Addition of welding production welding and semi-automatic rifles;

 · Purchase of equipment for the control of welding seams;

 · Modernization or replacement of obsolete and worn-processing equipment;

 · Empowerment of existing equipment through the development of additional tools;

 · Modernization of utilities and networks;

 · Metrological support of production;

 · Reconstruction of the shops, sites, buildings and structures;


marketing 5.Strategiya

            marketing strategy is based on market conditions and forecasting involves the development of a set of measures to maximize the benefits from the operation of the plant.

             One of the advantages of the plant is its geographical location, allowing consumers to transport the resulting products with minimal effort.

         Release of localized products (production of finished products, components and materials).

Table №1 - Forecast of production of localized products for 2016


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